Asher Roland
Asher Roland is the creator of the YouTube channel by the same name. He started his channel by posting films from high school film class, and when he went to college, he starting producing videos to help cheer someone up or help them through a problem through the words as written in the Bible. He also loves doing photography, you can find a lot of his work on the Home Page of this website, along with some unedited photos on his social medias (Instagram mostly). But his passion and major as of now, is creative writing. He is writing his own book (you can find an excerpt of it from the Home Page). He also produces a new blog post every 2 weeks that talks about his journey through a broken world as a young Christian. The blog is called "The Hidden Solder". Once a month, Asher meets with a friend of his and discusses a common religious question or topic in the Christian community on his podcast "Time for a Cuppa" which is first live-streamed on YouTube, then reuploaded to every platform that can hold podcasts - like Spotify and Google Podcasts. Even though with all of this, Asher's calling from God is to be a pastor of a church one day and he believes that this is all in preparation for that.