I suggest going through the page and returning to this area of the site after, you'll need to type it in because this area is hidden from the public eye. Thank you for taking a look around!
Now that you're back, I want to go ahead and let you know, this is a semi personal evaluation of who I am and how I think. But be sure to check out the "Why Asher Roland?" section as well to understand a little more as to why this website is named the way it is.
It may be painfully obvious by now, but Asher Roland is only a Character I play. That being said, Asher's description is the same for Ethan Patrick. I did start the YouTube channel from posting High School films and I did start making other content after going to college, and I have improved that content over time for sure. I have passions for writing, photography, speaking, and of course, filming. But I do not feel like God is leading me to any one of them. I feel like God is using these things to teach me something that I will then take and put into action in the future of my career. 
Besides what has already been said, I am a pentecostal and I am strong in my faith. If you have a stigma about Christians, thinking they are all harsh and mean and judgemental, then I encourage you to read about Jesus, if the only Christians you have met are rude and stuck up - as many of them are - then I will explain that they are not Christians. They do not try to act more like Jesus, who was loving and accepting of the person and only hateful to the sins of that person. But for now, I will hop off my petasool and explain more about me. 
You can read through my Resume, which is in the square over, and you will see I am an Eagle Scout and Brotherhood in the Order of the Arrow. I have been doing scouting since I was in the first grade and was guided by my father. My favorite thing I did was going to National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) after I went through the program and actual helped teach the program to younger scouts. I enjoyed getting to know all of the boys and teaching them all about different leadership skills, like how to manage your goals with the "SMART" method. 
Quickly back on to my religion, in my Freshman Summer of University I took the Global Vision Bible College courses with my Church to get my Pastor Credentials. 
Every other detail about what I do and how I do it can be found on this website, including my Resume and an explanation as to why I play the character "Asher Roland"
Thank you for reading!
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