If you look above in the navigation bar, it says "The Author". It has said this since I created the website. However, I have not written much in even longer than that. I felt ashamed to call myself a writer, even less, an author. I haven't written anything note worthy, I was useless at what I said I enjoyed. I try occasional to write something and I enjoy it for a while, until I leave it for an even longer time, then I throw it away. That includes this Blog you are reading now. 
It took my Basic Reporting class this semester to remind me that I actually enjoy writing. During one of the first days of class, my teacher showed a quote from Stephen King's book "On Writing". This is a slightly older book, written and published in the 90's, but is and will probably always be applicable to writers. In it Stephen goes through what he has learned through his writing career and tells it to us over an 8 hour audio book. Yes, I used an audio book. I actually got Audible just for this book, but I am keeping it because I am in love with walking and doing tasks while hearing the great adventures of Harry Potter read by a man, who can't do a British Female's voice to save his life. But, I am getting off topic now - even though I certainly recommend audiobooks if you don't have the patience or time for a regular book. But yes, an 8 hour audio book. It would not have been a page turner and it was a little too easy to tune out Stephen's voice after a while of hearing it. 

Stephen King writing a book - on the cover of "On Writing" (Possibly 1999)

As to my own writing however, it is coming along nicely. Since beginning this post a few days ago, I have written three pages. I understand its not nearly as amazing as others can do, but I find it impressive. Also, when I wrote just the last paragraph I was on Year 2 of Harry Potter, however now I am on the 5th, so I suppose it has been a while. writing comes and gos in waves. Some days the ideas come to me so easily and other times it can take days for an inspiration to rise. To aid in my ambition to become a proper writer I reached out to the head of the sort of news magazine my college has, but I cannot join this semester, they are fully staffed. It may be clear that I have no idea what I plan on filling this blog with at the moment. And in fact, I want your help. At the end of the article, there are icons to my social medias and my email. Please select your favorite mode of media and message me with ideas on what you enjoy to read about in blogs, or things you listen to when listening to podcasts. Let me know this, so hopefully I can finally have a goal for this blog next month. It can be anything(within reason), for example; travel, cold cases, short stories, various tip related posts(College Info Geek), or anything else that suits your fancy.
So, to help me with my ambition to write, contact me with blog topic ideas! I can't wait to hear your feedback!
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