To explain it nice and easy, Asher Roland was originally just my pen-name. However, I enjoyed it so much that when I wanted to create an online presence for myself I started using that as my name so that I could somewhat keep myself separate from the person on screen. 
The slightly more complicated reason is that Asher Roland is an actual character I created for my book too. Asher Roland is writing a book about himself and that is part of the cannon of the story. You can read a little bit in "The Author" tab in the top right, just don't forget to go back to to get back to this area. So to keep the cannon going, the character Asher Roland also has a YouTube channel that he posts to, so I decided to create an interesting lore that people could easily connect when the read about who I am after reading my book. 
But if you are an employer, then I apologize for the somewhat difficult terrain of this website to find this part of it, I just do not feel comfortable letting anyone find my resume and websites and personal emails. Thank you for understanding. 
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