Check out this small selection from the first chapter of my book!
Man, then was filled with the Holy Spirit and given many powerful gifts, one of which is writing. Over time, there were a handful of men who came together and created “the Authors.” These were men with the gift of writing who came together to write for God. 
We, however, come into this story two-thousand years after the death of God's flesh. Sitting in his room, Asher W. Roland is writing something on his laptop. He feels like he's been chosen by God to be an author and is in his last year of university and will finish that before he is asked to join. Asher has always wanted to be an author and has always looked up to them, so when he felt God’s hand directing him that way, he was ecstatic. 
Asher opens up a new document and writes down the title to his newest book, “The Ludicrous Blonde.” He starts typing and continues this for hours and hours, until someone comes knocking at his door. He gets up and opens it, but before he can even see who it is, they come walking inside in a rush. When he actually gets a chance to look at who wants to see him, hes shocked to see that it’s Arthur, the “Master Author.” He’s God’s appointed to watch over and recruit authors from all over the world, so to see him rush into Asher’s room was quite a surprise. 

I hope you've enjoyed this small teaser!