I've always been fond of writing. In high school, I always took the essays seriously, and I would get upset when someone would half-ass the peer reviews. I wanted feedback of course! Tell me for truth if my writing sucks, because I want to get better! But my friend who wanted to be an editor would try and put too much of her own writing styles in her work and would tell me to change how I write. Now I'm just being petty. When I was just a sophomore in high school I tried writing a book, for real this time. I have given up many times on it, but I am still keen on writing it. I really enjoy the story. 
Yet, I do not have anything published yet, not even a short story in a city collection of hopeful writers pieces. I think I should try there and see how real professionals like my writing, then adjust how I do things based on that. Maybe I use too formal writing, maybe my characters aren't likable enough, or maybe I am too vague in my descriptions. Now, they wont tell me all that, but it will give me an excuse to take a look at how I write to see if I should change anything I didn't like too much. 
I would like to be a published author one day, and I even hope to be a known one too. However, I know that is just a dream, and may never happen. All I can do is keep acting like I already am, and one day, I might just be one. Anyway, I hope you've learned something about me and my writing. Please check out my Youtube and Blog on your way out.